Join Us in Standing Up for Sierra Madre!

STOP New Urban West and their massive housing project

One of the last unspoiled Foothill Communities

INFORMATION on various sections of the developers Specific Plan now available under the "NEWS" link at the top of the page.


We are now at a pivotal point in our fight to stop this project that is contrary to every value that makes Sierra Madre the Special Community that it is.


The Developer has released the Draft EIR (revised and manipulated since the original) and Its Specific Plan. 


The Specific Plan very clearly sets forth exactly HOW IMPACTFUL this project will be to our City - It is far worse than we even expected!  But the good news is - there is a great deal there that we can fight as contrary to the Vision for our Sierra Madre set forth in our General Plan. 


BY LAW the Specific Plan MUST be consistent with our General Plan - it is not and we can show that it is not. 


The PEOPLE must decide what is right for our city!

Our GoFundMe page is live!

A quick update on our fundraising efforts.


We have received donations from many wonderful supporters and have used those to buy lawn signs, have door hangers printed and distributed and create a new website.

But many others have also asked for a way to donate to support our fight to stop this development. We now have a GoFundMe page!!  


Your donation will help us win against the developer with deep pockets

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ACT NOW — STOP special loopholes for wealthy developers

Enforce zoning requirements and follow the Sierra Madre General Plan

It’s no surprise that the charming village of Sierra Madre is one of the most popular destinations in Southern California! But the preservation of our cherished and historic mountain town hasn’t been easy. Protective zoning was required and, over a period of eight years, a diverse cross-section of the community collaborated with concerned city leaders to craft, fine-tune, and approve a visionary General Plan. To further protect our town when it was being threatened, voters developed and approved Measure V.

Yet, the peace and tranquility of our town is being threatened once again. 

Big developer, New Urban West, is petitioning the city to be given special permission so that only they will not be subject to the requirements of the General Plan. This special permission would allow them to crowd together 42 Mountain Mansions that do not comply with the same rules the rest of us have to follow!

Be heard! Voice your support for our Village of the Foothills!


ACT NOW — STOP the risk to limited natural resources

Big developer, New Urban West, appears unaware that we have just emerged from a record-breaking drought. In fact, the impact of the drought was so severe that a four-year moratorium on building any new structures had to be enacted by our city leaders!

Protect our land and water

New Urban West’s marketing materials claim their sea of Mountain Mansions will have a “Net Zero Water Usage.” They explain that they will achieve this seemingly impossible result through a combination of pre-purchasing water and encouraging YOU, the current citizens of Sierra Madre, to use less water!

As good stewards of our environment, shouldn't we respect our ecosystem and live within our already stretched resources?

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ACT NOW — STOP vast housing projects that make us unsafe

Keep our streets safe

It's like stepping back in time. Walkers, bicyclists, strollers and scooters...the quiet streets of Sierra Madre are a haven for outdoor pursuits!

But the safety of our children, our pets, and our families, are endangered.

New Urban West's marketing pitch explains that as a result of their housing project, traffic will increase marginally but their own numbers tell a different story (i.e.,  an additional 396 round-trips, to and from the housing project, each day... and more on weekends!).

Perhaps the leaders of a big urban development company don’t care that a place like Sierra Madre still exists, a place where the streets are so peaceful, where neighbors congregate to visit on the porch, where young children play on front lawns, and families walk, scoot, and bike down quiet city streets.

ACT NOW — STOP projects that overburden first-responders

Conserve community resources

How lucky we are to be served by the brave men and women of the Sierra Madre police, fire, and search & rescue teams! 

How will 42 large homes, packed tightly into the highest fire zone area of our community, affect the ability of our police and fire personnel to serve current Sierra Madre residents?

But as we know, under the best of circumstances our essential services are stretched thin. With the Bobcat Fire fresh in our minds, are we ready to take the chance that the city's needs will go beyond the ability of our essential service providers?

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As an organization, Sierra Madre Search & Rescue does not officially support or oppose the housing project


Protect and preserve the historic

small-town charm that is

Sierra Madre


A place where citizens, nature, and community thrive


Community Voice



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Maintain Safe
Walkable Streets


Protect Our
Land & Water


Protect Our
Abundant Wildlife

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Care for Our

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Protect the
Value of Our Homes

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Families Safe